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    See document: about Alternativen Namen?
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    WELCOME We are a small organisation that makes a positive difference to the lives of older English speaking people who live in Spain. We care about creating a humane society where everyone is valued and supported – and where in older age we have freedom, choices and time – to enjoy life, to contribute, to share our life skills and experience.   Our services help people   plan for older age and adapt to life changes   access help and support to avert crisis or loss of independence   make informed decisions through independent, accessible information and support   Our services fill a gap – and sometimes are literally a life saver      
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    About About Age in Spain We are a charity which provides information and support to English-speaking people in Spain and their families.   Founded by British expatriates with direct experience of dealing with the changes and challenges of living in Spain, we are available to help everyone make informed later life decisions through independent, accessible information and support. So if you are thinking of moving to Spain, you already live in Spain, or wish to help someone who does, our services are for you.   Our story In the 1980s, our founder Judy Arnold-Boakes and her husband Jim, formed their first welfare organisation for English speaking people in Spain from their home in Mallorca. They had discovered after moving from the UK to Spain themselves, that for some English speaking people, life in the sun wasn’t always easy – language could be more than a communication barrier and the loss of a partner or sudden change in circumstances could leave people isolated and vulnerable. They decided to help and O.A.S.I.S (Overseas Assistance and Support in Spain) was the founding organisation for Age in Spain.   By 1992, the cost of living in Spain was rising rapidly and many people who had retired to Spain on a fixed income, particularly from the UK, found that they could no longer manage, especially when they needed care and support at home.  The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK charities brought Spanish and UK organisations together in a Symposium where Judy was a guest speaker. There was a need for a national focus to provide information and co-ordinate help.  O.A.S.I.S took up the challenge and in partnership with Age UK (then Age Concern England), established Age Concern España – a national information and support service, with volunteers recruited from throughout Spain.  In response to local demand, local Age Concern organisations were established to help connect people with information and support in their area.   Demand for the national information and casework service grew and in 2011 it became a separate organisation called ACASA (Age Concern Acción Social y Asistencial) as a result of a new partnership with Age UK and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We changed our name to Age in Spain in 2016 to enable us to reach out to more people. Our website and Facebook page are helping us to connect with people who are considering a move to Spain, people who live in Spain and their families and friends. We work with charities and organisations in Spain and the UK. Together we combine knowledge and experience to help English speaking people in Spain and their families. We are still a very small organisation, which receives no government funding and we are dependent on public support.  We would particularly like to thank our volunteers, Age UK, the Soldiers Charity, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and Seafarers UK for helping us on this journey.    
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    Services Whether you’re already living in Spain, thinking about making the move or you want more information to help others, this is the section for you. With more than twenty years of experience of providing information and support, we help people to make informed choices about living later life in Spain. ​ If you have a simple question or a complex issue to manage, we can help.
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    Get Involved We are a small organisation that does a very big job. We depend on people like you to get involved. It doesn’t matter where you live, or how much time you have, there is a way for everyone to help.
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    Info Guides With over twenty years experience of helping people who are moving to or living in Spain, and people who are returning to the UK, we know how daunting it can be to find accessible information on key aspects of living in Spain, just when you need it. ​ We provide free information to help you get things right from the start.   Our short Information Guides cover key issues that we are regularly asked to help with. Some of the information is specifically aimed at UK nationals.      
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    • Make a Will
    Make a Will Wills Why you should make a will   If you die without a valid will, your money and possessions may not go to the people you would like them to.   A will is the only way to make sure your savings and possessions (your estate) go to the people and causes that you care about. A will is not obligatory but it is highly advisable.   If you have money and possessions in more than one country, or you have a will but have since changed your country of residency, you need to be sure that your wishes are completely covered.   The Age in Spain will writing service is here to help. Making a will is simple to do, does not cost a lot and gives you peace of mind.  
    • You can make your wishes clear about what happens to your estate
    • It simplifies the process of managing your affairs after you die
    • It can save costs and uncertainty
    The Age in Spain will writing service, provided in English by a fully qualified Spanish lawyer, will  
    • Check the status of any will you currently have
    • Explain the rules about inheritance that apply to your personal situation (whether you are resident in Spain, the UK or elsewhere)
    • Help you make a new will (either in addition to your current will, or to replace it) that is valid in Spain and if needed, internationally
    The Age in Spain will writing service will help you to make a Spanish will to cover your assets in Spain or an International will which covers your assets in more than one country. The service is provided by an English speaking lawyer with experience of helping expatriates in Spain. The will is written in Spanish, with a copy in English, so you know exactly what it contains.   The will writing service is available to you wherever you live. It can be done from the comfort of your own home. The lawyer will contact you to discuss your requirements and answer any questions. Then the will is drafted and sent to you to check. You can contact the lawyer at any time if you have questions. Once you are completely satisfied with the will, the lawyer will send the original will to a notary in your locality and official copies to you. The lawyer will help you make an appointment to visit the notary to register the will (which you have to do in person). The notary will register the will in Madrid on the official central register. This completes the process.   The will making service cost of the complete service, including the notary fees is 225€ for a simple will that is valid in Spain and internationally. There are no extra charges.   If you have more complex circumstances, the lawyer will give you a personalised quote in advance so that you know exactly what the service will cost.   How to enquire   Please send an email to Wills@ageinspain.org  and the Age in Spain lawyer will contact you personally.
    • The service is completely confidential.
    • Your enquiry is free – there is no up front fee.
    • You will be given a personal quote for the service of your choice by the lawyer.
      Before making your will, it is a good idea to plan what you want to include and who you want to benefit.